ZoneMate works with your air conditioner to automatically control up to 8 zones — enabled by AI and machine learning to make your system smarter with time, thread radio for future proofed technology, and cloud monitoring for industry leading support.


We get that time is money and reputation is everything. So, we’ve turned over 3 decades of experience in HVAC engineering, design and installation into products that have your back.


ZoneMate is simple to install and easy to configure. It connects effortlessly to the Milieu Climate and you’ll be fully configured in 5 minutes (we’ve timed it).


Zoning just got cool


ZoneMate works with your air conditioner to automatically control up to 8 zones — enabled by AI and machine learning to make your system smarter over time. Using thread — a low-latency wireless mesh networking protocol built using open, proven standards — we’ll fit seamlessly into the home’s IoT ecosystem. And with our automatic over-the-air software updates, you’ll always have the latest and greatest technology. 


Milieu Climate is not your average smart thermostat. Our Good Design Award winning, modern interface lets you control your comfort from anywhere, any time, without needing to leave your seat. And with AI and machine learning, it gets smarter over time — improving your environment by controlling your air conditioner and monitoring everything from air quality to humidity and motion, while continuously finding better ways to keep you comfortable and save on energy costs.

easier, better, faster, smarter

ZoneMate is the first zoning system that gets smarter over time. Using AI and machine learning, ZoneMate and Milieu Climate will soon be able to:

  • Automatically sense excess humidity, and intelligently adjust your settings to maintain the perfect level of comfort.
  • Keep your home safe and healthy by sending you an alert via the Milieu Climate app when humidity levels are high for an extended period and your air conditioner is off, reducing the risk of mould forming.
  • Intelligently adjust the target temperature when the air is too dry, reducing over cooling and saving energy (and money!).
  • Automatically activate your air conditioners fresh air system to enhance air quality, keeping your home safe and healthy.
  • Automatically turn on away mode with it’s intelligent motion sensors, saving energy.

ZoneMate and Milieu Climate are compatible with most brands of air conditioners.


If your brand is not listed, they may still be compatible. To find out more, please contact us at

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